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Here I write about some of the technical aspects of and

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Preparing for Lights Out

It is coming and I just have to accept this

Cunts in Tech sus 1

Fuck Google and Fuck Googlebot

Up and Down Like a Tart's Knickers

I'm sure we both know why this is happening, and no I'm not ok thanks.

The Instance is Back Online

Because I paid the bill #MoneyFixesEverything

My NAS Drive Might Be Dead

Literally everything is fucked, files are missing, things are down and I can not

What do at sus HQ

I'll tell you one thing, it ain't a pump and dump crypto scam

Rehaul of the internal mail system

Showery autumn • A dead, fancy bird slithers • in spite of the lake

Postfix Stops Loading on VM Because lol ?

Thanks for that, now there is a new internal relay

OH.MG is now Text-Only

Ok, ok, I'm lazy and it took a while but here we are

Everything is fucked

and you better be fucking panicking

Get Free Credit, Try Free Things

An experience with weird internet connectivity and proxies

The LJ Import Saga

Final Part - The Machines Take Over