No brain, no can write güd

A random update from the House of sus point fr

The last couple days have been a bit weird, I’ve been useful and have done things like wrap up my Titter account1, had a job interview, setting up another, and handled the Pôle Emploi. I’ve also been tempted to join in the manif today - moreso since Darmanin has restricted people from gathering outside of the Conseil constitutionnel, cos you know, that’s not a bit fasho police state thing to do.

The only problem being that over the last couple days my sleep patterns have started to destabilise, not for any particular reason of my own doing for once. Yesterday I was up at 4h then passed out again before sleeping through my alarms, waking up, then falling asleep on the sofa until 10h. Today fairly similar results and I’m feeling a bit lethargic.

Not sure if I caught something, if its more a mental thing, or worse something more serious. But since I don’t have any money to book an appointment with my doctor imma have to ride this baby out.

Tomorrow morning I need to really get back in to my routine of being up at 6h, take a walk (I think also my months of doing as little as possible thanks burn out haven’t helped my general state of being), and enjoy more the time I have temporarily out of the oppressive capitalist system of constant working.

It could even be another bout of COVID since the cats too are sneezing, so we could all just be sick.

Anyways, I should probably make an effort to get ready and pop outside to the shop for a couple things I need, which is something I’ve been putting off for a couple hours.


Elon Musk painted over the ‘w’ on Twitter’s sign at its San Francisco headquarters, changing it to ‘Titter’